Coinbase Earn Rewards Quiz Questions & Answers

Coinbase Earn Rewards Quiz Questions

Earn FREE Cryptocurrency by watching videos and answering questions on Coinbase Earn!

Algorand (ALGO)

  1. By being scalable, secure and decentralised
  2. A randomly selected ALGO token
  3. Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)


  1. Real World Data
  2. Oracles
  3. Earn Crypto Rewards

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

  1. There are too many ads and data trackers
  2. It is a free, open source web browser built for privacy
  3. Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content

Celo (CGLD)

  1. By making crypto accessible on mobile phones
  2. Staking, governance
  3. Using the Valora mobile app

Compound (COMP)

  1. Earning interest on your crypto
  2. Supply a crypto asset as collateral
  3. COMP token holders

Dai (DAI)

  1. A decentralized stable coin that aims to be worth one US dollar
  2. Decentralized and borderless
  3. Open a CDP with Maker


  1. A blockchain protocol for fast, scalable applications
  2. Delegated proof of stake
  3. Fast, free transfers
  4. Stake EOS tokens
  5. Upgradable smart contracts

Filecoin (FIL)

  1. A decentralised marketplace for data storage and retrieval
  2. Proof of replication and proof of spacetime
  3. By its content

Graph (GRT)

  1. Blockchain Data
  2. GRT
  3. Curators

Kyber (KNC)

  1. Exchange one Ethereum token for another
  2. Ethereum
  3. Liquidity

Maker (MKR)

  1. MKR and DAI
  2. MKR Holders
  3. A crypto wallet and crypto collateral


  1. End-to-end encryption
  2. Independent nodes to perform tasks
  3. Paying ethereum transaction fees


  1. A global community of data scientists
  2. To backup predictions and earn rewards
  3. Nothing

Orchid (OXT)

  1. A peer-to-peer privacy tool
  2. The OXT token, a Web3 wallet, and the Orchid app
  3. Support for multi hop configurations between bandwidth providers

Ox (ZRX)

  1. To create a tokenized world, through the frictionless, peer-to-peer exchange of tokens
  2. A new way to trade tokens and cryptocurrencies with other people
  3. It can be used to pay relayer fees and participate in protocol upgrades in the future

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

  1. A decentralized protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastructure
  2. Facilitating low-cost, universal payments
  3. Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global

Tezos (XTZ)

  1. Formal verification
  2. A decent computer, an Internet connection and 1 roll of Tea (8,000 XTZ)
  3. The formal governance process

Zcash (ZEC)

  1. A privacy protecting crypto
  2. It keeps your financial info safe so it can not be sold
  3. Through a cryptographic breakthrough known as zero-knowledge proof

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