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Coupon review is a site dedicated to those who want to trade, deposit or invest in cryptocurrencies. The platform supports all the most well-known cryptocurrencies: from Bitcoin to Ethereum, passing through Litecoin and Ripple. also has two of its own cryptocurrencies: MCO and CRO.

The range of services offered to customers is extensive: everyone can choose whether to use cryptocurrencies to trade, to create an investment portfolio or to use the account only as a wallet.

Those who open an online account on can also apply for a Visa card to be used to pay in physical stores or to withdraw cash. From the end of 2020, the cards are also available for the European market and for the UK market, with the possibility of reloading in EUR or GBP.

Five different debit cards can be requested, there are no monthly fees or annual fees, the only condition is to buy CRO tokens and stake them for 180 days. Depending on the number of CROs tied to your account, you can request different cards:

  • The basic version of the card – Midnight Blue – can be requested free of charge and recognizes a cashback of 1% on the total expenses made; Free ATM withdrawals up to $ 200 / month.
  • Those who have parked on their account at least 2,500 CROs can request the Ruby Steel card. It recognizes a 2% cashback on expenses made and 100% reimbursement for Spotify subscriptions paid with the card; Free ATM withdrawals up to $ 400 / month.
  • The Jade Green card and the Royal Indigo card require a deposit of 25,000 CRO, allow the recovery of 3% of the expenses made through the cashback program and the re-credit of 100% of the costs related to Spotify and Netflix; access to airport lounges with Lounge Key; Free ATM withdrawals up to $ 800 / month.
  • The Icy White and Frosted Rose Gold versions have a 5% cashback in CRO and guarantee the recovery of 100% of the expenses made on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime and a 10% cashback for bookings made on Expedia; Access to Airport Lounge +1 guest with Lounge Key. Free ATM withdrawals up to $ 1,000 / month. To request these versions of the card, 250,000 CROs must be placed on your account.
  • The Obsidian version is the most exclusive. It can be requested by those who have at least 2,500,000 CROs on the account, recognizing the re-credit in CRO of 8% of the expenses made and 100% of the expenses for Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime services, in addition to 10% of the expenses made on Airbnb and Expedia and access to reserved services (Crypto Private Club, Welcome Pack, Jet Partnership). Free ATM withdrawals up to $ 1,000 / month.

The cards and the Crypto account travel on two separate compartments, each card has its own Wallet that can be recharged in Euros. The card Wallet can be recharged in two ways: either with a credit from another card, or by converting the cryptocurrencies in your Crypto account into Euro (now for direct recharging you can convert Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin).

There are no fees or top-up costs.

One of the most interesting advantages of Crypto Cards is certainly the possibility of using digital currencies for daily transactions, and the cards behave like real prepaid cards running on the Visa circuit.

How much

You can use the service offered by to deposit, trade or invest your cryptocurrencies. Through Crypto, it is possible to trade in over 50 cryptocurrencies and in the most important national currencies (such as euros, US dollars and yen). Depending on the features you choose to use, a minimum balance threshold is required.

The opening of the account is free, while the commissions vary according to the type of service you choose: the details of the costs to be paid for the individual operations are reported directly in the app. For trading operations, for example, a flat-rate commission of 0.2% is required, while in the case of withdrawal of funds, a variable commission is paid depending on the currency on which you are operating.

App compatibility and mobile payments customers can manage their account, check the balance of different cryptocurrencies, invest and transfer money directly through the app. The mobile application is free and available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Security systems

There are several security systems adopted by to prevent problems and reduce the risk of fraud.

At the time of registration, you must identify yourself and prove your identity through the Know Your Customer method. To ensure the safety of its customers’ deposits, Crypto uses an offline cold storage system. For some transactions, such as account deposits and withdrawals, two-factor authentication is enabled.

Opinions and reviews is a very interesting service for those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies and want to have only one place where they can carry out different operations by choosing the currency they prefer each time.

The platform offers an infinite number of options and each can customize their experience by focusing only on certain operations, such as deposit or speculative trading, or build their own investment portfolio.

If you are interested in trading with cryptocurrencies, also consider the services offered by Wirex and Revolut.

Pros and cons

There are many positive aspects of

  • a full range of services to operate in more than 60 different currencies
  • the ability to build and customize your own deposit account or investment portfolio
  • Attractive cashback and referral programs

Among the less convenient aspects of should be considered:

  • Visa card issuance is still at an early stage in the European market and waiting times for receipt can be a bit long
  • The inability to withdraw money directly from your account
Get $25 USD

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