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Huobi Global Review – Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange

Huobi Exchange is a Chinese cryptocurrency trading platform that has been operating since 2013. The official website is located at www. Huobi. Pro and has ten language interfaces, including Russian. The average daily trading volume on the exchange reaches 127,000 BTC, which is the 3rd indicator in the field. To get started with Huobi, you need to go through a two-minute registration.

Registration on Huobi

Having visited the official website of the exchange, you will see the “Register” button in the upper right corner, and you will proceed to fill out a simple questionnaire. If this is not the first time you have entered the Huobi trading account and have a login and password to enter, you need to click on the “Login” button.

The Huobi exchange invites users to link their account to an email or phone of their choice. For this, there are two tabs at the top of the registration window. In our case, we will use email registration. After you fill in all the fields, you will be faced with the question of what to write in the “Confirmation code from Email” field. To receive this code, you must click on the “Send” button. After that, within 2 minutes, a letter with a 6-digit code will be sent to your mail – write these numbers in the appropriate field. By clicking on the “Register” button, you will be transferred to the “Login” window.

Huobi Trading Cabinet

Having penetrated inside the Huobi exchange, you will not see almost any changes until you enter a specific section. There are already 8 of them:

– Exchange; – Margin; – HADAX; – LABS; – HT; – Balance; – Orders; – Settings.

To not stretch the Huobi exchange review, we will not write about such sections as Margin, HADAX, LABS, and HT. We made this decision because these tabs do not provide trading functionality.

Huobi Account Settings

First of all, after registration, you must increase the security settings of your account. All this can be done through the Settings tab, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Through this tab, you can connect two-factor authentication, go through account verification, and go to the technical code through API management. We have already told you more than once how you need to enable two-step authentication. In order not to repeat ourselves this time, we will not write. We’d better dwell on opening orders in more detail.


In the balance tab, you can go to the exchange account replenishment. You can do this through any of the cryptocurrencies presented below. There are more than 50 of them, so you will find a suitable way for yourself.
Additional service on the Huobi exchange is the ability to carry out margin trading or leveraged trading. To learn more about this, use the corresponding tabs. They are very clearly visible in the pictures.


The exchange tab is the essential part of the exchange. Here you can trade over 200 pairs. It is worth noting that it is a pleasure to trade in such an interface that Huobi exchange offers, but the site freezes a little. The charts that are presented on the exchange are borrowed from the TradingView resource known to all traders.

Trading on the Huobi exchange

To trade on Huobi, you need to go to the “Exchange” tab, which we wrote about above. After choosing a trading pair, you will need to open transactions for buying and selling digital currencies. To do this, the window of the exchange tab must be scrolled down a little until you see windows for opening orders.

Huobi, like most other exchanges, offers two types of orders: market and limit.

Market orders are orders for immediate execution of trades at the price that is not in the market when clicking buy or sell or at the closest available one. To guide the nearest buy and sell orders, you can look into the market’s depth – to the right of the orders.

Limit orders are pending execution orders. Using a limit order, you are looking for more favorable moments to enter a trade, i.e., buy cheaper and sell more expensive than is possible now. To place a limit order, you must fill in 2 fields: the execution price and the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell. Then click on the order execution button.

Feedback on the Huobi exchange

First of all, I would like to note the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange’s strengths – this is the interface, the number of trading pairs, and beautiful charts. But, the site’s performance is far from ideal, so it freezes, especially in the “Exchange” section. Having worked a little inside the personal account, we can say that Huobi is a worthy exchange. It is not for nothing that it takes 3rd place in terms of the average daily trading volume.

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