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Nominex Review

With its intuitive and straightforward user interface, the crypto exchange is primarily aimed at beginners and crypto enthusiasts who have not been around for long. A unique selling point for Nominex is fiat asset trading. It involves the transfer of cryptocurrency assets from the exchange to its users, who in turn receive benefits from trading these funds.

Users can deposit fiat money through “Koinal” or “Mercuryo” using Visa or Mastercard. As a centralized exchange, Nominex acts as custodian of clients’ funds on the exchange. Therefore, to ensure safety, 99% of all warehouses are kept in “cold warehouses” and secured with multi-sig technology.

Another attractive advantage of Nominex is that there are many contests, tournaments, and giveaways, so users have numerous opportunities to win money while trading on the exchange.

Instead of organizing an ICO or selling tokens directly, the company has distributed or continues to distribute its NMX tokens in various ways. According to a December 2020 decision, the token distribution will not be completed in April 2021, as originally planned. Originally, the 193 million NMX were to be issued in April 2021. But the plans have changed.

The distribution will now last up to 100 years. The plan envisions that each subsequent weekly distribution group will decrease by a percentage from the previous weekly group. What cryptocurrencies does Nominex advance for buying?

In total, Nominex was offering 50 cryptocurrencies to trade at the time of this writing. As mentioned above, trading pairs are available for BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC.

Main Features

  • NMX token distribution
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Excellent reputation on various review websites
  • Highly praised educational platform with incentives

Nominex costs and fees

Like other exchanges, Nominex also charges commissions. Nominex’s special feature is the NMX token. The token owners (on the Nominex account) will have their trading fees deducted from their NMX balance by default. In the first year, NMX holders get a 50% discount on the trading fee, the second year 30%, the third year 20%, the fourth year 15%, and the fifth year 10%.

Every day at 00:00 (UTC), the trading volumes for the last 30-day period and the current NMX balance are evaluated. An hour later, the user level and the corresponding creator/policyholder commissions are updated.

How do I create a Nominex account?

Step 1: Register

After visiting the official website:, click the “Get started” button.

Nominex will then ask you for your email address and password. Make sure you choose a strong password (it must be unique and contain at least one capital letter and a combination of numbers and letters). Once you have accepted the terms of use and the privacy policy, you can click on “Create account

Step 2: Confirm account and 2FA

You can activate your account after receiving an email. After that, you should immediately configure Google 2FA to give your account maximum security.

Step 3: Verification and KYC

Unless you do additional verification, your trading volume is limited to 3 BTCs per day. Because of this, you must activate Level 1 and Level 2.

Buy and trade cryptocurrencies at Nominex.

Make a deposit

Step 1: Deposit funds

Making a deposit is as easy as signing up. Go to the Portfolio part. Next, select the currency you want to deposit. Please note, however, that you cannot make fiat currency deposits at this time. When you click ‘Deposit,’ you will be shown your deposit address (e.g., BTC), which you can specify elsewhere.

To deposit fiat currency, there is a “Buy / Sell Crypto” menu option. Here you can buy various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, TRON, and USDT through Koinal or Mercuryo using Visa or Mastercard.
Seriousness and security

As for the seriousness, it is a great advantage to see the declared employees’ real names. It helps that you work with real people you can contact. Another indicator of the seriousness of the platform is the KYC procedure. It is also a sign of professional business if KYC and AML procedures take place. Likewise, an important feature for security is the use of cold rooms for the custody of customer deposits.


Nominex’s compelling functionality, predominantly very positive testimonials, and detailed documentation convince us and speak to the fact that there is no reason to think that Nominex is a scam. In our opinion, Nominex is a good alternative to established exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

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