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Is Plus500 a safe broker to trade online? Through the opinions collected among users and direct use in the field, Money. It offers a review on Plus500 that responds clearly and entirely to the needs of those who are thinking of relying on this broker.

What is Plus500?

Let us analyze who Plus500 is, how safe and reliable this broker is and why you should choose it as your broker to invest in the financial markets.

Plus500 Ltd is a CFD Broker listed on the primary market of the London Stock Exchange.

The listing on the main list of the London Stock Exchange is a reassuring element of the solidity and transparency of the company towards its customers. A widespread and reasonable opinion that a broker listed on the London Stock Exchange inspires much more confidence than a newborn broker who does not even make public the address of its offices.

The trading platform

Plus500 differs from other brokers by offering a single trading platform for its clients and bases its success on its usability.

The platform has been studied directly by the Plus500 team and is, therefore, a proprietary trading platform.

The platform’s main features are ease of use and compatibility with all types of devices, from smartphones to PCs. Everything a trader may need is already on the platform’s home screen, which remains clean and easy to understand.

The platform is available in three different versions:

  • downloadable platform (download),
  • web platform (Web Trader, usable both from smartphone and from PC / Mac)
  • Smartphone platform (app).

The platform works in a very similar way between the different versions, making switching between one and another very intuitive.

The most widespread criticism found in the opinions we have received on Plus500 is the lack of an advanced graphics section.

For this reason, many use other platforms for graphical analysis, then open, and close positions directly on the Plus500 platform. A healthy operating mode, since it avoids the “compulsive” opening of parts now from the chart, a way not to completely deviate from good paper trading practice.

Trading accounts

Consistent with the philosophy of simplicity and immediacy that inspires its trading platform; Plus500 offers only one type of trading account where the minimum deposit is 100 EUR.

A free demo platform with unlimited time is available for those who sign up, an opportunity not as widespread as one thinks. There is also no constraint to subsequently open a real account.

In summary, the account types offered by Plus500 are:

  • Real account
  • Demo account.

How does Plus500 work?

The Forex and CFD broker is thrilling you more and more. The time has come to find out the next step once you understand that Plus500 will be your broker for trading online.

First, you have to choose: demo account or against real?

Once chosen, just leave your data (email and password for the account in time, personal data for the real account), the Plus500 trading platform opens in front of us.

There are the most traded instruments at the top, each accompanied by two buttons: Short and Buy.

Customer service

Plus500 offers customer support via email and live chat, available 24/7. Customer service usually responds within 30 minutes.

You can send an email via the contact entry on the Plus500 website or start a chat conversation directly from the trading platform.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals on Plus500 are superficial and can be done via:

  • Major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

Just catch the steps here to make a deposit,

Step 1: click on “Fund management” and select “Deposit.”

Step 2: select the desired deposit option

Step 3: fill in the required fields of the form and click on “Submit.”

To withdraw the capital earned from your trading account, the process is similar to that of depositing. Just select the «withdrawal» option in the «Fund management» section. The processing time of the file ranges from one to 3 working days. Once the withdrawal request is approved, it will take a few more days to view the funds in your bank account:

  • by credit card: according to the processing time of the bank
  • by bank transfer: usually within five working days
  • eWallets: 3 to 7 working days

Advantages of Plus500

Plus500’s most significant advantages and best strengths are:

  • simple and intuitive trading platform,
  • competitive, low and fixed spreads,
  • quick and easy withdrawal of profits made,
  • the high number of negotiable instruments,
  • authorized and regulated by the supervisory authorities,
  • user-friendly trading platform


A significant drawback of Plus500’s platform was the lack of a Live Chat for customer support, but it has recently been added. The only aspect that can still be improved is the charts of the trading platform and the limited number, even if more than sufficient, of indicators for technical analysis.

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