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Raiz Referral Code

Raiz Referral Code

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How does it invest?

RAIZ invests in the securities of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs are a group of shares that accumulate in a single portfolio and are listed on a stock exchange. You can buy the same individual ETFs on your own using Commsec Trading Account or NAB Trade Account on ASX. Still, with RAIZ, for example, you are investing in a portfolio of ETFs without having to do it yourself. This way, you have saved so much brokerage fees because RAIZ will group all your money together with other investors and do bulk trading. There are seven portfolios to choose from, all the way from conservative to the aggressive portfolio. There is an ethical portfolio (emerald) and a new portfolio called Sapphire with some bitcoin exhibits.

What does ETF have to do with Raiz?

Raiz adopts the ETF method for investing and further prepares for it by offering a number of departments designed to suit different levels of risk. These departments are made up of several ETFs. For example, the “aggressive” portfolio is currently built:

54 % SPDR S&P200 ETF – Large stocks of Australian companies
23.5 % iShares Asia 50 ETF – Large stock of Asian companies
7.1 %iShares S + P Europe 350 ETF – Large European company stock
5.4% iShares Core S&P 500 ETF – USA’s largest company stock
4% Russell Aust Corporate Bonds ETF – Select Australian Corporate Bonds
3% iShares Composite Bonds ETF – Short Term Australian Bonds Including Government Bonds
3% Beta Shares Australian High-Interest Cash ETF


Fees are associated with any investment. Typically, management fees or brokerage (to keep a buying and selling business) or an investment management fee (for an investment manager to handle a portfolio), or a combination. With RAIZ, if your account balance is less than $10,000 – which most accounts will have just at the beginning – the fee is $2.50 ($30 pa) per month plus an investment fee – depending on Which portfolio you choose, i.e., 0.196 ٪ pa For the Conservative portfolio or for the 0.418 aggressive portfolio, which is moderate in the scheme of things when you compare with some of the different investments that are available.

Once your portfolio exceeds $ 10,000, the monthly fee per $2.50 disappears and is replaced with 0.275 ٪ p.a. Admin Fee. Once again, for the features offered by these apps, when comparing different investment apps, RAIZ was one of the first. Still, now there are many more (although no one has a roundup feature), do not just compare fees. You have to compare these features.

How to get started

The advantages of RAIZ Invest App Overview are:

Start with a bit of money. The smallest deposit is only dollar five.
No investment knowledge is required. Select a portfolio based on your timeframe and RAIZ the rest.
Roundup – Investing in the background of life. This is the superstar!
Savings Plan: Add a little money in the end without brokerage fees!
Low fee for available features.

RAIZ rewards

When you start investing, you need to have a long-term mindset because if you only do it for a year or a few months or less, then you will know that the market is very high. There are fluctuations. If you invest and then withdraw on short-term notice, you may find that the market has actually shrunk, and your investment may be less than the value of your portfolio. You could lose money. Long-term risks are lower, and you are more likely to make money.

Once you start your portfolio, leave it and keep growing for many years. Set it up and forget about it. Do not look at it; do not worry so much about the stock market.

I think the fees for the features available are very reasonable. Identify, the purpose is to develop your portfolio. If you only have $ 100 in your account and then you stop depositing any money, the administrator’s small fee will be more significant (as a %). You can buy cheap ETFs on ASX using the RAIZ app but the Micro Investment app. The idea is that you keep going, keep adding to it for many years to come.

Get $5 Signup Bonus!

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