Spaceship Voyager Review – Spaceship Voyager Referral Code & Signup Bonus

Spaceship Voyager Referral Code

Spaceship Voyager Referral Code

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What is Spaceship Voyager?

Spaceship Voyager is a digital investment platform that enables beginners to invest in a wide range of sectors. Accessible through their website and app, the design is simple; as are the options, you can invest in.

Currently, Spaceship Voyager offers three investment portfolios: Spaceship Origin Portfolio, Spaceship Universe Portfolio, and Spaceship Earth Portfolio.

How does Spaceship Voyager Work?

Although most investment apps ask you to choose between multiple ETFs or specific stocks, Spaceship Voyager has some perspectives on the middle ground. Specifically, the app offers two managed funds: a spaceship index portfolio or a spaceship universe portfolio. Here is how they work:

Spaceship Index Portfolio: This low-cost market index fund includes 200 of Australia’s largest companies as well as a few of the world’s largest companies. Stay less than 5 k, and there is no fee. When you break the 5K barrier, the cost is only 0.05% per year.

Spaceship Universe Portfolio: Personally managed by the spaceship team, the fund invests in “100 companies of tomorrow”, hoping to take more risk to make more profit. It includes companies from Australia and around the world, (50% of its current portfolio consists of US-based companies). There is no fee until your balance is more than 5k, after which the annual fee is 0.10%.

An excellent platform for beginners who are just starting out

Space Voyager is an excellent app for people who want to spend very little money. For those who are just starting out on their investment journey, this easy-to-use app is a fantastic starting point. Similarly, experienced investors may prefer the Spaceship because of its ease of use. It has a user-friendly interface, high-performance portfolios, and the lowest fees compared to it. For these reasons, Spaceship is my favorite Australian micro-investment app.

These alternatives include self-wealth and other investment platforms that will provide more investment options. However, Spaceship is still a great starting point for beginners looking for a start in the world of early investors.

The Pros and Cons of Spaceship Voyager


There is no fee of less than $ 5,000 for the balance. It is perfect for those who are hoping to get their feet wet in investing.

There are only three options, two experts choose, and the other is informed by the market. This means that the error margin for newcomers to investment is much lower than other investment alternatives.

The app is easy to use.

You have the option to invest in weekly, fortnightly, monthly or single installments.

Because of Spaceship Earth, this app offers an easy way to invest in ethical, sustainable companies.


A balance above $5000 reduces the value of your app. This means there may be better options for those who want to spend more than $5,000.

There are only three options. Although great for beginners, more experienced investors or people who like to invest in individual companies will dislike this restriction.

Spaceship Voyager vs. Other Investment Apps

Minimum investment amount: The Spaceship requires a minimum investment of only $ 1, while apps like Raiz Invest require $5 or more.

Portfolios: Spaceship offers two investment portfolios while Raiz Invest offers six portfolios, which spreads according to their risks.

Investment Strategy: Spaceship manages personal funds and selects each stock by hand, while Raiz Investment invests your money in ETFs.

Fees: Spaceship does not charge a fee for any balance below 5K, including a modest fee after breaking the 5K barrier. Raiz receives $ 1.25 a month on investment accounts with 5k or less and 0.275% a year on accounts over 5k.

Risk Level: With the emphasis on individual companies, the two investment departments of the Spaceship are a bit riskier. Raiz Investment presents a high risk, from low-risk departments to high-risk departments.

Payment Options: Spaceship synchronizes with your bank account and allows you to deposit recurring deposits or bundles at your convenience. In addition to the Raiz Invest in Roundup feature, it also offers options that take daily transactions to the nearest dollar and invest in this difference.

Profit: The spaceship fund managers consider any profit to be fund income and distribute that income to investors, which means you will not be able to make a direct profit from individual stocks. Raiz Investment will automatically repurchase profits into your portfolio unless you specifically choose to send them to your bank account.

Return: Shipping allows you to sell your investment at any time and does not charge an exit fee. Raiz Investment does the same.

Installation: You can download both Spaceship Voyager and Raiz Capital free in the App Store or Google Play.

Get $5 for FREE!

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