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YouHodler: what is it?

YouHodler is a platform that allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies at 360 degrees, keep them and obtain annual returns thanks to them.
The company that heads YouHodler is of Swiss origin and has just launched the service in 2019. In a short time, the platform has made a name for itself in the world of crypto, thanks to the fantastic products offered and its ease of use.

To give you an advance, through YouHodler, you can, on the one hand, obtain loans in traditional currencies covered by cryptocurrencies as collateral, and on the other, invest your crypto in loans in exchange for fixed annual interest.

We will talk about the numerical details in a dedicated section of this article. For now, I want to focus on telling you that to date, YouHodler is a fully regulated platform from a regulatory point of view (operating in Switzerland, it has acquired the Fintech license). For this, you do not have to worry about issues related to its safety.

How YouHodler works?

YouHodler is available both as a browser application and as a mobile app for smartphones. This platform first offers the typical cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service, i.e., you can use it to buy and store all your cryptocurrencies in one place, paying very low spreads on the currency exchange.

Aside from the exchange feature, YouHodler offers four additional services, which are what the platform is gaining so much popularity around the world for:

  • Loans in FIAT currency with a crypto guarantee
  • Investments in cryptocurrencies with fixed interest
  • Multi HODL
  • Turbocharge

Crypto Loans

The first service offered by YouHodler is that of loans in FIAT currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, or CHF) or stable coins (such as Tether, USDT) covered by cryptocurrencies as collateral. Loans can be requested, for example, with a maturity of 30, 60, and 180 days and the crypto accepted as collateral are more than 20.

However, let us take an example: let us imagine that a user owns one Bitcoin and wants to obtain a loan in FIAT currency, in this case in dollars (USD). Without selling your Bitcoin, the user can provide it as a guarantee to the platform and immediately obtain up to 90% of its dollar value, which can be used for his personal needs.

Given the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, the longer the duration of the loan you want to request, the lower the maximum amount obtainable. This is because the value of the cryptocurrencies you will provide as a guarantee could also decrease a lot in a few months, so the platform must protect itself against this eventuality.

The minimum loan amount that can be taken is $ 100, and the interest payable is only required at the end of the loan term. Furthermore, to repay the loan and its interest, the user has two options:

  • Pay the requested amount in the currency in which the loan was disbursed
  • Scaling the consideration owed from its crypto holdings

Investments with interest

YouHodler also offers a mirror service compared to what we have seen above: that is the possibility of investing your cryptocurrencies and obtaining a fixed interest, which is deposited on your wallet every week.

In this case, the procedure is straightforward. Just sign up with YouHodler, deposit FIAT currency, and invest in cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, you can transfer crypto you own to other wallets to YouHodler. You will get interest that depends on the type of digital currency you choose to hold within YouHodler. In particular, here are the returns on an annual basis:

  • LINK 6.2%
  • USDT 12%
  • USDC 12%
  • PAX 12%
  • TUSD 12%
  • GIVE 12%
  • HUSD 12%
  • EURS 12%
  • BTC 4.8%
  • BCH 5.5%
  • ETH 5.5%
  • PAXG 8.2%
  • HT 3%
  • BNB 3%
  • XRP 4.5%
  • XLM 4.5%
  • UNI 7%
  • DASH 5.5%
  • COMP 2.5%

As you can see yourself, you get to considerable interest values, even as high as 12%. This is a valid investment opportunity, especially in the case of stable coins, which by definition have low volatility.

Deposit and commissions on YouHodler

Now let us see the conditions and fees for making a traditional currency or cryptocurrency deposit on YouHodler. The minimum deposit is five USD (or the equivalent in cryptocurrency). Here are the fees:

  • SEPA transfer of traditional currencies: no commission
  • Credit / Debit Card Deposit: 4.7% Fee
  • Sending cryptocurrencies, you already own to YouHodler: no commission

To withdraw your money from YouHodler and send it to your current account in the form of traditional currency, we have the following fees:

  • SEPA transfer in euros: 5 euros
  • Credit / Debit Card: 3.5% Fee

There are also small fees if you want to transfer the cryptocurrencies you hold on YouHodler to another wallet.

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